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Elite Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic adjustments are for the treatment of joint related issues and dysfunctions. This can be in the form of lack of joint mobility or joint restrictions or from misplaced joints called subluxations. Joints play a vital role in the function of our bodies; without joints we cannot move and there is nothing for the muscles to act upon. If the joints get “stuck” or “locked up” and lose their ability to move properly then dysfunction occurs and pain develops. Performing a chiropractic adjustment to a dysfunctional joint allows movement in the joint and improves the function and, in turn, leads to resolution of pain. Joint dysfunction and the need for a chiropractic adjustment can present itself in many ways including: pain, stiffness, tightness, burning, tingling, numbness, pain in the arms or legs, and headaches.


ELITE Massage Therapy

Just like a chiropractic adjustment is for the joints, massage therapy is for the muscles. Muscle is responsible for the movement and stabilization of joints. When muscle injuries occur, they tend to scar as they heal which is called fibrosis. Fibrosis of the muscle causes muscle fibers to be laid down in a basket weave pattern, rather than laying down fibers in the same orientation as the muscle itself. When muscle fibers lay in the proper direction the muscle is able to both stretch and contract properly. When fibrosis occurs, causing fibers to run in random directions, the muscle cannot stretch or contract accordingly. Adhesions are another consequence of muscle injury. Adhesions occur between the skin and the muscle belly, in a tissue call fascia. Fibrosis and adhesions lead to dysfunction of the muscle. After muscle injury a medical massage has the ability to break up adhesions and prevent fibrosis, allowing the muscle to retain its ability to stretch and contract normally. Myofascial Trigger Points or “knots” in the muscles are also benefited by massage therapy and are caused by microtrauma to an area over time.


ELITE Injury Rehab

Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy are considered passive therapies, meaning the provider performs all treatment on the patient without any work from the patient. Rehab or rehabilitation consists of therapeutic exercises taught by a provider but performed by the patient. These are active therapies. Active therapies are extremely beneficial for healing in the short terms and sustaining results for the long term. Third party insurance companies love when patients are involved in therapeutic exercises because of the effectiveness of them and it gets the patient actively engaged in their own treatment. Through our ELITE rehab you will gain strength and stabilization after your injuries cause your muscle to be weak and unstable.

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